Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Still alive! Still reading!

Hello! Sorry for the radio silence. Here's what happened...

I was concentrating almost exclusively on The Game of Thrones, because the second season starts soon and I need to catch up. And I'm really enjoying it, and making slow but steady progress.

But then it looked like someone might have a hold on Why We Broke Up that wouldn't let me renew it, so I decided to read that first. But then renewing it worked. So I'm reading both.

But then I needed something to read on the train, and both of those were way too heavy to carry around the city all day, so I started Robin McKinley's Sunshine. And now I'm kind of more into that than the others, at least for the moment.

And I still have bookmarks in the books listed in the sidebar, too.

I will finish at least two of these books by this weekend. I promise.

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