Friday, January 20, 2012

Bad Week

This was one of those weeks that wasn't bad because some huge awful thing happened, but rather because of a progression of small things, plus my general mood and the fact that I haven't slept through the night since November. The fact that I also haven't gotten much reading done this week plays into this from both ends. On the one hand, having a bad week means I've been too distracted to have much time for reading, and have had trouble getting into books when I do have time. But on the other hand, I know perfectly well that the very fact that I'm not reading much brings my mood down and contributes to the bad-week stuff. So it's a very bad cycle.

So! It is Friday night! The work week is over! I am starting fresh! I'm going to finish Anna Dressed in Blood tonight, really, this time, I swear. And maybe make some progress in Game of Thrones. And/or start another library book. But I will read! And I will feel better!

1 comment:

  1. I recognize that cycle. Hope it breaks soon.