Saturday, December 3, 2011

About the Project

The past few years, I've often felt like I need to make a point of spending more time reading. I always mean to, but I have several jobs and family commitments and apparently need some external accountability. And I have a related problem of starting lots of books and never getting around to finishing them. So here we are! In 2012, I resolve to read at least 100 books from start to finish. And blog about it.

These blog posts will take a few different forms. First, I will of course review the books I finish. Some reviews may be longer than others, but I'll write at least a paragraph about each one. I'll also tell you what I get from the library, what I buy, etc. - again, if I tell you, I'm more likely to actually read the new books rather than admire them on my shelf! And almost every day, I'll write a little bit about what I'm reading and why I picked it, what's going on in my life that gives me more or less time to read, etc. I'm sort of afraid those posts will be horribly boring - and all the reviews will be in their own category so you can ignore this other stuff if you want - but I'm interested in the way reading interacts with the other aspects of our lives and I want to record and explore that for a while. I will not be offended if you ignore my blathering and just read reviews, though!

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