Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A plan, of sorts

I finished Once Upon a Winter's Eve just now, and I promise I'll have reviews of that and Dash and Lily for you this weekend. (This has been a tough week, so I'm giving myself a break.) But for now, I'll say that it was completely delightful, and the only thing wrong with it was that it was short. Since, you know, it was a novella. I realize those are supposed to be short. But I would have been happy to read much much more about these characters.

My plan: I've picked something I want to finish each day/few days, and then if I have more reading time I can use it for library books or whatever. So. Tomorrow's book is Alias Dragonfly, Friday's is Dragon Tattoo. The weekend will be for the Secret Circle trilogy, then Monday for Claire de Lune and Tuesday for the Kleypas. If I keep to that schedule, I'll have 11 days for the other four books, which . . . might possibly be doable, depending on how much free time I end up with over the holidays. We'll see.

I did want to talk for a moment about why I haven't started Team Human or some of the other things sitting here that I'm really eager to read. It's partially that I'm trying to finish the list in the sidebar, but honestly, it's mostly something else. Frankly, I've been pretty miserable recently. There's a big thing going on with a close family member that means I'm always worrying and never giving my full attention to anything else. So I've been reluctant to start Team Human because I don't want it to be forever associated in my mind with this awful thing my family is going through. But... I guess it's probably too late for that. So at this point, I think I'm saving it to be a treat sometime in the next few weeks when I REALLY need a pick-me-up.

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