Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Change in Reading Venue

I'm still reading Death Comes to Pemberley, and it is delightful! I was going to try to finish tonight but got sidetracked by... laundry? I don't even know. So we'll see. If not tonight, definitely tomorrow.

My reading is going better because I finally gave up on - of all things - reading in bed. It sounds like a nice idea, but it's never as comfortable as I want it to be. And sometimes I like music and a big mug of tea or glass of wine with my book of an evening, but once I'm in my room, I can't leave to brush my teeth without the cat trying to get in, and if he hears me playing music or even turning pages or sometimes rolling over, he starts crying to get in, so it's just not very pleasant. (He's not allowed in at night because I'm mildly allergic and if there's cat hair on my sheets, I wake up wheezing. He has his own blanket to sleep on the bed during the day.) So! I am actually much more comfortable sitting at the kitchen table with music on and a mug of tea and the cat playing at my feet, and not being in bed means I read longer before falling asleep, too. This all sounds kind of obvious but it was something of a revelation for me.

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